Lifeline Ultra 2

Our most popular stain choice by far. The Lifeline Ultra 2 product line is sure to please. This product is the most user friendly which bodes well for the weekend warrior. With many colors to choose from homeowners can transform any project into a rich textured masterpiece. If you are looking for cheap then go to your hardware store. You will go back every 2 years. Factor that into your equation and you will see that Lifeline Ultra 2 will save you money in the long run.

Surface Preparation

Must be applied to clean, dry surface

Application Rates

1st coat - 350-450 sq.ft. per gallon
2nd coat - 600-800 sq.ft. per gallon

Application Temperature

40° F to 90° F

Application Methods

Airless sprayer or brush

Number of Coats

Two-coat application
Topcoat with Advance Gloss or Satin Clear Topcoat

Drying Time

Dry to the touch in 2 to 4 hours
Cures in 72 hours

Clean Up

Soap and water


1 gallon container
5 gallon pail
Samples Available

Storage/Shelf Life

Freeze/thaw stable
1 year

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