Woodsman is a high performance, low maintenance elastic sealer for general use around your home. We have used this product in such places as between logs during construction, around window and door openings, in the eaves and around rafter tails. Once cured, Woodsman Caulk offers a highly elastic seal that is UV resistant, water tight and air tight. Woodsman offers several colors to choose from allowing your project a seamless appearance.

Surface Preparation

Must be clean and dry and free of oils and wax
Proper backing materials and/or bond breaker must be used

Application Rates

Depends on gap width

Application Temperature

40° F to 90° F

Application Methods

Caulk gun

Number of Coats

Apply at 3/8" thickness
Do not apply in direct, hot sunlight

Drying Time

Skins over in 20 minutes
Complete curing may take 3 to 8 weeks depending on temperature and humidity

Clean Up

Soap and water


11 oz tubes
30 oz tubes

Storage/Shelf Life

Freeze/thaw stable
1 year